TriPollar POSE Vx – 最新款第二代 RF射頻 減肥機


TriPollar POSE Vx – 最新款第二代 RF射頻 減肥機





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POSE Vx結合了強大的、專業標准的高頻RF(射頻)技術和先進的DMA(動態肌肉激活),針對身體的真皮層、皮下層和肌肉層。這種綜合的動態治療方法能夠提高脂肪代謝率,使脂肪細胞縮小,提升和緊致皮膚,並刺激肌肉,使之更有張力,安全而有效,效果持久。
這款新的POSE Vx設備采用了Pollogen專業的第三代TriPollar®射頻技術,可在家中安全有效地使用,並與開創性的DMA相結合,提供了一種綜合而強大的治療方法,適用於大腿、臀部、臀部、腰部、腹部和手臂。
用戶可以享受到增強的輪廓,平滑和振興的皮膚外觀,明顯減少橘皮組織和皮膚凹陷。根據治療方案,定期使用POSE Vx,可以在用戶選擇的部位產生理想的美學效果。


Introducing the greatest revolution in at-home aesthetic body treatments, guaranteed to offer unparalleled body contouring and rejuvenation.

The POSE Vx combines powerful, professional standard high frequency RF(Radio Frequency) technology with advanced DMA (Dynamic Muscle Activation) to target the various layers of the Dermis, Hypodermis, and muscle layers of the body. This combined and dynamic treatment works to increase fat metabolization which leads fat cells to shrink, lift and firm the skin, and stimulate muscles for better tone safely and efficiently with lasting results.

The professional standard in body aesthetic treatments is now available for use at home.

Adapting Pollogen’s professional and established 3rd generation TriPollar® RF Technology for safe and effective home use and pairing it with groundbreaking DMA, this new POSE Vx device offers a combined and powerful treatment suitable for use on the thighs, hips, buttocks, waist, abdomen, and arms.
Targeting the layers of the Dermis and Hypodermis with dynamic RF gives a tightening and lifting effect to the skin, speeding up the natural metabolic rate of fat tissue causing fat cells to shrink for a more contoured appearance. When this is combined with DMA which stimulates muscle fibres, toning them as well as contributing to lymphatic drainage, the body is sculpted and rejuvenated with both immediate and long lasting results.

Users enjoy enhanced contours and a smoothed and revitalised skin appearance with visible reduction in cellulite and skin dimpling. Using the POSE Vx regularly, according to the treatment protocol, can create desired aesthetic results in the areas of the users choosing.